Lunar Loading Month 1

Classic lifts with a cosmic twist

If I had to choose only one of my workout programs to do on repeat, it would be Lunar Loading. If you commit to it, this three month program will change your body. It is profound. Lunar Loading is a classic strength and hypertrophy program, made more effective, fun and efficient by using the moon cycle as a training guide.

Lunar Loading is adaptable to your current fitness level, but you should be familiar with a barbell and the basic lifts (squat, press, deadlift). These workouts will create a ridiculously strong foundation for new lifters, challenge advanced lifters and give you a totally fresh way to view your exercise routine.

Lunar Loading includes:

  • 3 Warm-ups
  • 3 Cool-downs
  • 8 Upper body routines
  • 8 Lower body routines
  • 1 Conditioning routine

Your Trainer

Claire Gallagher
Claire Gallagher

Hey, my name is Claire! I love coffee, snow, barbells and making extremely embarrassing Instagram stories here. I'm a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius rising, with a really sassy Mars-Mercury conjunction in Leo. I'm an expert physical astrologer, certified strength & conditioning specialist, nutritionist and movement systems innovator. I've worked in fitness for 10 years, teaching everything from yin yoga to Olympic weightlifting. The MOONRx Method is my creative baby of many years and I'm so happy to share it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a complete beginner. Is Lunar Loading right for me?
No. Lunar Loading is an intermediate and advanced program. You should be comfortable with a barbell and have a decent handle on the major lifts (squat, press, deadlift) before beginning. I suggest all beginners start with my Elements program, which gives detailed movement tutorials and has two months of beginner-only workouts.
What equipment do I need for this program?
Lunar Loading requires gym access. You will need a barbell and weight plates, various kettlebells, various dumbbells, a bench or plyo box, mini loop bands, long loop bands and a landmine. Please see the detailed equipment list linked in the top menu.
What if I decide Lunar Loading isn't right for me? Can I get a refund?
No, sorry! All sales are final, but memberships may be cancelled at any time.
What does Lunar Loading include?
Each month of Lunar Loading includes multiple warm-ups and cool downs, 4 New Moon routines, 4 First Quarter Moon routines, 4 Full Moon routines, 4 Last Quarter Moon routines and one conditioning routine.
How is Lunar Loading structured?
The program follows the lunar calendar. The amount of routines you do each week will wax and wane according to the current moon phase. You will train 4 days per week when the moon is new, 5 days per week when the moon is in the first quarter and full phases, and 4 days per week as the moon begins to wane and die. A 4 day week includes two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts. A 5 day week includes two upper body workouts, two lower body workouts and one conditioning workout
Do I need to do any extra training or cardio in addition to this program?
NO! In fact, please don't do anything extra if you want good results. This program is exceptionally thorough and taxing. You will need your rest days.
Where are months 2 and 3?
They are still in production. Each month is sold separately.

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