MOONRx Detailed Equipment List

Although I love bodyweight workouts (and we do plenty of them here), MOONRx is a strength & conditioning method, which means...we're using weight! Equipment not only incorporates variety into our workouts (very important), but it allows us to align with specific planetary energy more accurately. For instance, Saturn is not going to play with three pound weights. He’ll seriously laugh in your face. Venus might be down though!

Now, I'm not a huge fan of gyms. Instead of paying for a membership every month, I decided to save my dollars over the years and create a killer home gym. You'll find everything I have on this page. But, I’m all about simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency, so don’t worry, there’s nothing exotic on this list.

I’ve broken this list down into the bare essentials, the recommended home setup, and my exact home gym setup. Follow the links to purchase your own goodies.

P.S.: This page may contain affiliate links, which means I may be compensated a small amount if you buy equipment using the following links. Thanks for your support! <3

Bare Essentials

With the following equipment, you’ll be able to do all Zodiac Pack beginner versions. You'll also be able to do all home versions, but without the recommended weight changes throughout the lunar month.

  • A pair of dumbbells (My go-tos are 12.5-pounds each. Beginners, I suggest 5 to 8 pounds.) I suggest hex-edge dumbbells so that they're stable when we do floor work.
  • Kettlebell (My go-to is 12 kilo, ~25 pounds. Beginners, I suggest a 15 to 18 pound kettlebell.)
  • Set of mini bands ranging from light to heavy. These are cheap and awesome. And here is a latex free version.
  • Interval timer or phone app
  • And I don’t use one, but you may want an exercise or yoga mat

The Recommended Home Setup

With the following equipment, you’ll be able to do all Zodiac Pack beginner and home versions.

You'll need everything above plus:

  • A second or even third set of dumbbells. Ideally, you'll have a light, medium and heavy set. I have a set of 5s, 12.5s and 25s.
  • A second or even third kettlebell. I have a 25, 35 and 45.
  • Sturdy plyo box or step. I recommend this 3-in-1 plyo box, which is really handy when you need different heights for different movements. (I've had the 20/18/16 size in this past.) Now that I workout in a room with a low ceiling, I've invested in this soft 12-inch plyo box. Please don’t scare me and do box jumps on a kitchen chair…and if you do, don’t tell me about it!
  • Foam roller
  • Yoga strap and block(s)
  • Mobility ball or lacrosse ball or tennis ball
  • Custom jump rope. The length and quality of your jump rope really does matter. Regardless of what brand you choose, buy a rope that turns smoothly on bearings. In terms of proper length, you want a rope that reaches up to your armpit when you step on it in the center.
  • Optional but nice when you’re learning kettlebell cleans and snatches is a set of sweat bands to protect your wrists and forearms. I like to double mine up if I’m doing a lot of kettlebell work to cover more surface area.
  • Another optional but nice is a pair of good gloves.

My Home Gym Setup

With the following equipment, you'll be able to do 100% of the workouts on

To replicate my exact setup, you’ll need everything above plus: