MOONRx Elements LIVE

An astro-aligned, grounded & supportive group coaching experience for lunar fitness beginners

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MOONRx Elements LIVE is an astro-aligned, grounded & supportive group coaching experience for lunar fitness beginners. Embarking on a new fitness journey can kick up a lot of dust--physical, emotional and spiritual.

Learning movement basics, equipment essentials and decoding workout design on your own is hard enough. But it can be overwhelming to navigate the difficult feelings, thoughts, sensations and responses that often bubble up before, during and after a workout. These uncomfortable issues are really common (but not talked about enough!) and can leave us feeling isolated, discouraged and tempted to quit.

MOONRx Elements LIVE uses the wisdom of the lunar cycle and the wisdom of your own body to help you create a workout habit that's not only physically effective, but spiritually nourishing and emotionally supportive.

Elements LIVE includes:

  • 9 In-depth movement tutorials to build a strong foundation
  • 24 Zodiac themed beginner workouts, 1 warm-up, 1 cool-down
  • 5 Video trainings on hot topics like workout anxiety and pre & post-exercise nutrition
  • 4 Live Open Gym calls for Q&A and extra support (30-minutes each)
  • 4 Astro-Nutrition videos & guidelines created for your unique astrological constitution

This is a live group training program spanning over two lunar cycles (two months). New material will be made available to you each week to ensure that we go through the course at the same pace & maintain a cohesive and supportive group container.

If you've been itching to join The MOONRx Method, but were afraid you weren't ready, or that you wouldn't get the extra support you needed...this is your perfect stepping stone!

Learn all the details in this video!

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Your Trainer

Claire Gallagher
Claire Gallagher

Hey, my name is Claire! I love coffee, snow, barbells and making extremely embarrassing Instagram stories here. I'm a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius rising, with a really sassy Mars-Mercury conjunction in Leo. I'm an expert physical astrologer, certified strength & conditioning specialist, nutritionist and movement systems innovator. I've worked in fitness for 10 years, teaching everything from yin yoga to Olympic weightlifting. The MOONRx Method is my creative baby of many years and I'm so happy to share it with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Registration opens on January 30th. The class portal opens on February 4th with the Aquarius New Moon. Our first workout is scheduled for February 6th. DOORS CLOSE on February 12th. Elements LIVE will run from February 4th to April 7th.
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever! Once you join MOONRx Elements LIVE, you'll have unlimited access to all the workouts and material. You'll also be invited to join us again each time I run the program live at no additional cost. Please note, "forever" means the lifetime of, which will hopefully will be very very long!
What if I decide MOONRx Elements Live isn't right for me? Is my purchase refundable?
Sorry, but no! All purchases are final. If you need extra help determining if MOONRx Elements Live is a good fit for you, please contact me and I'd be happy to assist.
What equipment do I need?
Since MOONRx is a strength & conditioning program, you'll need a bit of equipment, but not too much! You'll want to have a pair of dumbbells (I suggest 5-8 pounds for beginners) and a kettlebell (I suggest 12-15 pounds for beginners). If you need additional equipment guidance, please see the detailed equipment list linked in the top menu.
Do I need to be available at certain days & times to do this course, or can I complete it on my own time?
You can certainly complete this course on your own time schedule. I create our workout schedule based on the most favorable astrological weather, but it's just a guide. Some of us can only exercise at certain days and times because life is full. The only live event is our Clinic Call every other week. But don't worry--if you can't make it, the replay will be uploaded into the classroom portal ASAP.
When are the live open gym calls & what if I can't make it?
The live open gym calls are scheduled for Saturdays at noon EST. Don't worry if you can't make it! All live open gym calls will be recorded and uploaded to the class portal for you to watch at a later time. If you can't make it to a live open gym and want to ask a question, just get it to me beforehand and I'll be happy to answer it.
How much time should I dedicate to this program?
You'll need to set aside time each week to watch the video trainings and do your workouts. You'll have 2 scheduled workouts each week. They're rarely over 40 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down), but I suggest setting aside a solid hour for your training. This is your time to take care of yourself. I want you to feel like you have plenty of space. The video trainings vary in length, but I'd estimate setting aside an additional hour to go through them in slow time. That's a total of 3 hours per week, give or take.
Do I have access to Elements LIVE as part of my Deluxe membership? What's the difference between MOONRx Elements LIVE & MOONRx Elements?
MOONRx Elements LIVE is a comprehensive 2-month group coaching program. It is not part of the MOONRx Deluxe Membership. MOONRx Elements, which is part of the Deluxe Membership, is a static version of this program. It includes the movement tutorials and beginner workouts, but does NOT include the nutritional trainings, the extra video trainings, or the live open gym calls.
I have excessive joint/body pain. Is this program right for me?
Maybe not. Although I do give numerous movement modifications in the video tutorials, I encourage you to consider whether you need a trainer, or a physical therapist. This is not a physical therapy, or corrective exercise program.
Will you offer this course again?
Yes! But dates and price are to be determined.
I'm new to astrology. Will I be able to keep up?
Absolutely! This course was created with not just the fitness beginner in mind, but also the astrology beginner.
Didn't answer your question?
Please email me at [email protected]

MOONRx Elements

When you join MOONRx Elements LIVE, you're telling the cosmos:

I'm ready to be supported.

Planetary energy wants to support all our goals, including those in health & fitness. We simply need to know how to access its power. Time to align...

Sorry! The doors for Elements LIVE are currently closed.


This program is not open for enrollment.