Monday 2/11 | Waxing crescent phase | Moon in Taurus

Pour on the caffeine. I like to joke that Taurus is one of the official coffee moons (Pisces being the coffee moon in chief, of course). Things aren’t always this slow when the moon is in Taurus, but we must take the holistic context into account. The moon is still rather young—just 8 days old. The moon is making a delicious and relaxing trine to Venus, the planet of pleasure. And yesterday, Mercury, the primary indicator of our mental and nervous bodies, dove into Pisces. Sometimes this slows our kinetic body down & manifests as a subtle diffuseness, or pouring out of our energetic resources. During this two-month period (because Mercury will retrograde here soon), we may need to be more mindful of creating earthen boundaries for ourselves. After all, we can’t pour anything from an empty cup. Use today’s earthy, Taurus moon as practice.

Tuesday 2/12 | FIRST QUARTER | 23-degrees Taurus 5:26pm EST

My intuitive hit of this first quarter moon in Taurus is very optimistic and hopeful. Here are the pieces broken down:

  1. First quarter moons in general are amazing for putting one foot in from of the other toward our goals.
  2. Taurus is what we astrologers call a fixed earth sign. In my mind, this makes it the primary manifesting sign of the zodiac. Fixed earth = solid, tangible.
  3. This waxing Taurus moon is in an easy & beneficial relationship with both Saturn and Pluto—the two planets you always want on your side for long-term, sustainable and revolutionary change.

Need I say more? When we’re building anything in life, we will meet resistance. In today’s Taurus Sweat Spell & Lunar Benchmark Workout, we’re learning to interpret the subtle messages underneath the many types of resistance we face as we move toward the tangible, earthen desires in our life.

Wednesday 2/13 | First quarter phase | Moon enters Gemini | Mars-Uranus conjunction

BAM! The Moon is certainly not in Taurus anymore and it’s as if the whole cosmos is shouting it. If you slept last night, congratulations. The star of the show today is the violent kiss (yes, I said that) between Mars and Uranus. Mars often represents our impulse to act or do and when it collides when Uranus, sometimes we can suddenly take a new direction, or simply have a much-needed breakthrough in our drive or passion. Remember, astrology isn’t always about you, but the world around you. Look for Mars-Uranus in the news, in your friends and in your animals. In terms of sweating, well, this is a no-brainer. All planets point to yes.

Thursday 2/14 | First quarter phase | Moon in Gemini | Mars enters Taurus

The heavens are pumping the brakes a little bit after yesterday. Right after the explosive cosmic kiss heard ‘round the world, Mars moves into Taurus early this morning. Translation: a warrior trudging through mud. Mars has been in its hot, home sign of Aries since the new year began. Its transition from Aries to Taurus is like night and day and will be very palpable in our bodies. Mars in Aries is courageous, impulsive and quick to act. This energy was helpful for many of you as you began your new MOONRx fitness journey in January. Mars in Taurus takes its time and is slow to warm up, but knows how to go the distance. Reframe: this is good! This is your opportunity make a new activity into a true habit…just don’t expect the journey to be without resistance. Thankfully, the moon is in bright Gemini today & may help lighten the transition. By the way—Mars in Taurus season is notorious for nasty upper respiratory infections of all kinds, so take care of yourself!

Friday 2/15 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon enters Cancer

The moon may be in Cancer today, but we have some delicious sextiles (aka opportunities) between the moon, Uranus and Mars. We’ve talked a lot about Uranus and Mars this week and I bet you:

  1. Have a felt experience of both of those planets now and/or
  2. See a storyline unfolding around them in your life. You can’t have Mars and Uranus kiss without something interesting unfolding around you, even if this week uncovered just a hint of what’s to come.

Today’s lunar weather offers you a chance to integrate all of this new information & relate to it in a positive way. And by the way—even though half of you have a rest day on the schedule, sextiles between the Moon, Uranus and Mars are some of the best workout aspects. (Just a little something to add to what you learned in my free course FitCraft.)

Saturday 2/16 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon in Cancer

What a lovely rest day. And Neptune is here to help, which means it’s a great day to get lost in a creative project, or just flip on trusty Netflix. In my opinion, we’ve had a busy astrological week, full of shifting storylines and flavors of energy that felt incompatible at times. Remember, our workouts here at MOONRx reach beyond the physical plane. They’re designed for this cosmic weather & are created to make you the master of the skies. Even as you’re resting, trust that all the work you’ve done this week is now doing its part—manifesting, creating, integrating & reorganizing the cosmic reality to serve you.

  • ELEMENTS: Rest
  • Beginner: Rest
  • Intermediate: Rest
  • Advanced: Rest

Sunday 2/17 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon enters Leo | Venus-Neptune sextile

Another day, another opportunity to meet opposing energies with grace. On one hand, we have the moon in party-hard Leo making tense squares to Mars and Uranus (here we go again!). And then, on the other hand, we have Venus and Neptune chilled out poolside. Naturally, Venus is in a black vintage bikini because she’s still in Capricorn. My favorite way to smooth out a day that needs a little smoothing? Duh. Sweat.