I didn't think I would get these up today, but eclipse miracles do happen! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been busy busy busy getting the Aquarius workouts ready for your sweating pleasure. If you haven't had a chance to watch the Aquarius Athlete intro video yet...do it! I think it'll motivate ya.

We're starting our Aquarius routines on Wednesday. These workouts are all about intentionally creating pressure and then releasing that pressure with explosive power. We're learning how to bust through blocks and reconnect to our own Source Genius.

Remember the color coding: days highlighted in green are the best for a great sweat session, yellow days are ok and red days are best for rest.

Monday 1/21 | FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE | 0-degrees Leo 12:16am EST | Mars-Saturn square

Today is a definite sweat session green light. Not only are we in the midst of an extremely fiery and potent lunar eclipse, but we have Mars and Saturn in deep tension. Mars is our athletic power, drive, passion, aggression and essentially the force of heat that enlivens our muscles. If Saturn is anything, it’s a hard worker. When Mars and Saturn square one another, we often find ourselves SWAMPED with work, busyness, or like we’re carrying a bunch of trapped heat and aggression. A Mars-Saturn square requires attention and must be expressed forcefully (sweat is a great way to do it!), or it may overpower you in another area of life.

Tuesday 1/22 | Full moon phase | Moon in Leo + Virgo | Venus-Jupiter conjunction

Repeat after me: full moon eclipse hangover. The cosmic vibes have been extremely sparkly and supercharged over the last 48 hours. It’s likely that your body is finally coming down and it may not feel super smooth. Take a clue from Venus and Jupiter, who are hanging out together today, and bring a bit more softness and ease into your life. It’s the little things that make all the difference: wear something a little more comfy to work, take frequent stretch breaks, put some flowers on your desk, listen to some chill background music, grab a little comfort food, or maybe let yourself sleep in a bit later than usual.

  • Beginner: Rest
  • Intermediate: Rest
  • Advanced: Rest

Wednesday 1/23 | Full moon phase | Moon in Virgo | Mercury-Uranus square

Just when we thought the full moon vibes were subsiding, we have the two electric planets cross paths! Both Mercury and Uranus have governance over our nervous system and the lightning fast messages it sends. When these two planets start talking, life can feel overstimulating and loud. This is usually good news in the gym. We can call on the quickness of Mercury and the explosive power of Uranus to boost our performance. But this type of planetary tension can also lead to excessive anxiety or panic. Get your sweat on, but have your stress relieving toolkit nearby.

Thursday 1/24 | Full moon phase | Moon in Virgo + Libra | Mercury enters Aquarius

The moon will be void-of-course in Virgo all. day. today. Watch out for extra annoying perfectionism that holds you back, whether it’s in your workout or in life. Virgo is an amazing, masterful sign, but when the moon is in the Virgo void, we often can’t see the forest for the trees. We tend to get bogged down in details, or obsess about our health. Stand strong against the negative body image monsters. They’re chatting today.

Friday 1/25 | Waning gibbous phase | Moon in Libra | Mars-Jupiter trine

Although Libra isn’t the most athletic sign of the lunar month, today is a really decent day to move. The moon is reflecting some positive physical energy from the Sun and Mercury and we have a super boisterous and cardiovascular aspect: Mars trine Jupiter. Remember, Mars is our athletic ability and Jupiter just makes everything bigger. This positive aspect is fanning the Martial flames. And just a fun aside, this is a classic signature in a birth chart for someone with huge lung capacity and competitive edge.

Saturday 1/26 | Waning gibbous phase | Moon in Libra

Today has the potential to be a little aggravating here and there, but nothing you can’t handle. You probably won’t have your “best workout ever”, but it’s a great day to practice just showing up for yourself. Libra moons can feel wishy-washy and full of indecision. But mature Libra energy teaches us how to walk the middle path of balance…which isn’t always the most exciting, but it sure is rewarding in the long run.

Sunday 1/27 | LAST QUARTER MOON | 7-degrees Scorpio 4:10pm EST

Whew! The Scorpio feels have landed! I highly recommend doing today’s Scorpio Sweat Spell workout. We’re cultivating the tools we need to stay afloat when strong water moons come along and threaten to drown us. Remember—the emotional landscape of Scorpio may be strong, intense, but it’s temporary. PS: Scorpio is ruled by athletic Mars and has an amazing ability to transform pain into power through physical activity.