What a contrast from last week! We’re moving toward our second eclipse of the season and energy is running high. The elemental profile of the week is heavy in fire and air, with a little water splashed in the mix. No matter if you’re a MOONRx member or not, now is the time for your training frequency and intensity to increase in reflection of the swelling moon.

I’ve also gotten a little fancier with the Sweatscopes this week and color coded them for ease. Days highlighted in green are best for great workouts, days highlighted in yellow are fair and days highlighted in red are best spent resting and recovering.

If you missed it last week, I was invited back on the Caffeinated Gypsy Podcast to talk about all things lunar fitness, body sigils and using crystals in your workouts. You can give it a listen here. And if you’re not a MOONRx member yet, you may want to listen because there’s a secret coupon code buried in there for you.

Monday 1/14 | FIRST QUARTER MOON | 23-degrees Aries 1:45am EST | Moon enters Taurus

When the moon reaches its waxing quarter, I feel like any lingering new moon residue has worn off and I’m usually back to my normal training schedule. If you’ve honored the dark and new moon portion of the lunar cycle, barring any other health issues, you’re probably ready to get back to work. If you’re a MOONRx member, today you’re doing the Aries Sweat Spell and we’re working with befriending anger as a group. No matter how you choose to break a sweat today, allow the physical sensations of anger to bubble up. Be present with them and get to know them as you move. This is the first step in disarming and transforming it. Also, be sure to warm-up thoroughly today because the moon will meet Uranus (the most accident-prone planet).

Tuesday 1/15 | First quarter phase | Moon in Taurus

We have one of my favorite favorable (can I put those words in a row? LOL) workout aspects today: Moon trine Saturn. Saturn gets a bad reputation, but it’s unmatched when it comes to hard work, commitment, consistency and showing up day after day after day. A trine is like a conversation you’re having with your best friend. Words flow easily and you understand each other’s subtle cues and inflections. When the Moon makes a trine to Saturn, the positive aspects of Saturn are more accessible to us. We speak its language more readily. In the body, particularly in exercise, this equals higher access to increased strength and endurance. (PS: Saturn energy is like concrete and resonates most with heavy weightlifting. It doesn’t play. Do your squats or heaviest lifts today.)

Wednesday 1/16 | First quarter phase | Moon in Taurus + Gemini

Today’s Taurus moon is making favorable aspects to our source of vitality (the sun) and our regenerative center (Pluto). Sometimes the body can feel stiff and stuck in a rut under a Taurus moon, but today’s Taurus moon is full of strength, quick to recover and ready to pull its weight. It’s a good day to remember that movement is more than physical—it’s a transformative spiritual tool too. Bring all your burdens to your training session today. The moon will be in “the void” (aka be void-of-course) for the afternoon and evening before moving into Gemini. I suggest getting your training done earlier in the day if possible because a void-of-course moon in Taurus is much happier snuggling and snacking than sweating.

Thursday 1/17 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon in Gemini

Today may feel active in mind, but not in body. We’re gearing up to our next eclipse, the moon is swelling in heady Gemini, life is full and people are a little jittery and scatter-brained. The aspects the moon is making to other planets aren’t extremely favorable towards a great workout, but if you’re having excessive nervous energy move through your system, I highly recommend getting some movement in. The best time to break a sweat today are the hours bookending 3:32pm EST when the moon makes a sextile to Mars. Sextiles are “good” aspects, but still require you to put in the work…but you’ll be so glad you did!

Friday 1/18 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon in Gemini + Cancer | Venus-Mars trine | Mercury-Pluto conjunction | Sun-Uranus square

Whew! This is a really busy day astrologically! You don’t even need to know what all that stuff above means. Just know, when you see that much astro-jargon, you can expect a day that feels very active, or up and down. The moon doesn’t move into Cancer until late tonight, which means our nervous systems are still primed and ready to move under Gemini. There’s probably a lot of overthinking going on (and maybe sharp words) in that brain of yours too, so however you choose to sweat today, make sure it’s NOT BORING. Gemini and Uranus need to be mentally engaged during their workout, or they’ll lose interest. Choose complex, compound movements that move fast and change direction swiftly.

Saturday 1/19 | Waxing gibbous phase | Moon in Cancer

Today may be your best bet for a rest day. However, the tender Cancer moon will do some conversing with Mars, so watch out for emotional hypersensitivity and reactionary behavior. The moon is sitting opposite cold Saturn in Capricorn today, possibly bringing stiffness and joint pain into the body. If you want to move today, I suggest some warm, active stretching, a walk outside, or heading to a yoga class.

  • Beginner: Rest
  • Intermediate: Rest
  • Advanced: Rest

Sunday 1/20 | FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (technically 1/21 in EST) | 0-degrees Leo | Sun enters Aquarius | Venus-Neptune square

Aquarius season begins today! That means we’re beginning our Aquarius season workouts as a group. These routines are full of mentally stimulating plyometric combinations. If you’re feeling psychically open and emotionally heightened, don’t forget that the eclipse portal is wide open! Depending on your time zone, the Leo full moon lunar eclipse is happening this evening, or overnight. Relational boundaries may be confusing today and the urge to compare yourself to others may be irresistibly strong. I h-i-g-h-l-y recommend breaking a sweat as a conscious avenue for excess strain to leave the body and heart. MOONRx-ers, feel free to do your Leo Sweat Spell today or tomorrow. Whichever day feels most potent and alive to you is the right choice!