Will the week's cosmic weather be in favor of your new year's fitness resolutions? Meh...not exactly. This week, the rubber meets the road, reality sets in, and your enthusiasm may encounter its first speed bump or two.

If you did the Capricorn Sweat Spell, you have nothing to worry about. We did some major manifestation work with the solar eclipse, powerfully ingraining sustainability and long-term success into our fitness journeys.

You know that all journeys worth enduring naturally wax and wane. You know that yin and yang are always changing hands. You know that your body and the signals it gives you are wise. And you know that the lunar cycle is trustworthy and lacking nothing.

The take home message this week? Don't be afraid to rest. You'll always rise again.

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Monday 1/7 | Moon enters Aquarius | Venus enters Sagittarius

The very beginning and end of this week are the most likely times you'll feel motivated to get a good sweat session in. Today's Aquarius Moon makes a sextile to Mars in Aries, giving us easier access to all the athleticism, focus and drive Mars possesses. Venus also enters adventurous and bootylicious Sagittarius today (seriously, it rules the glutes!). This is definitely the best day of the week for a lower body workout!

Tuesday 1/8 | Moon in Aquarius | Mercury-Mars square

When Mercury and Mars have a tense conversation with one another, we tend to run a lot of extra energy through our nervous systems. This can certainly give you a little more fuel in the gym, but it can also leave you feeling frazzled, or on edge. Don't skip your warm-up, cool-down, or post-workout nutrition today, or you might get injured...or injure someone else when you're hangry! ;)

Wednesday 1/9 | Moon enters Pisces

If you're training today, best to get it in early before the moon moves into Pisces. The moon is making a square to Venus today as well. Translation: tell any negative body image chatter to GTFO. This isn't the most energetic day of the week, but we do have a nice electric jolt from Uranus coming through, maybe giving you just enough juice to get another session in before #neptune vibes roll in heavy tomorrow.

Thursday 1/10 | Moon in Pisces

Speed bump number one! This may be your best bet for a rest day. I don't always rest when the Moon is in Pisces (it can be very athletic!). But, while Neptune is traveling through Pisces, it tends to make these days sleepier than they otherwise would be. My advice is to go with the flow, wherever that flow may take your body. Usually, the flow of Neptune moves d-o-w-n...like down towards a bed! But sometimes I'll purposefully work out on a Neptune-heavy day to intentionally part the fog and help wake myself up.

Friday 1/11 | Moon void-of-course in Pisces | Sun-Pluto conjunction

Speed bump number two! Neptune vibes may still be lingering, but the bigger issue today is the void-of-course moon happening through the waking hours (if you're on my side of the globe). Void-of-course moons in Pisces tend to make the energy more ethereal, fluid and much less go-get-'em. The Sun is meeting Pluto today as well. This is a complex situation to unpack, but it will typically manifest one of two ways:

1. You'll feel a surge of power and need to go lift something heavy immediately. Or...

2. Pluto will "bury" the light of your Sun (vital force) and you'll feel dead to the world.

Saturday 1/12 | Moon enters Aries

Stop, drop and notice the stark difference between yesterday and today. The transition between Pisces and Aries is often the most obvious and easiest to feel. Sweet relief! ;) Aries moons tend to uncover our all-around-athlete. It's time to get back in the groove and let Mars in Aries give you a friendly push along the way. The moon also makes a trine to Venus today. AKA let's add a little vanity sculpting to our HIIT session, shall we? This is the best day for a full body mash-up!

Sunday 1/13 | Moon in Aries | Mercury-Saturn conjunction | Jupiter-Neptune square

I predict today will feel split down the middle. Many of you will feel just fine, but I bet most of you will feel stiff, tired and as though the fire of the Aries moon is long gone. That's because of the squares we're having today. If we think about Mercury as the nervous system and Saturn as a stop sign...well, I bet you can imagine what that feels like. This is one of the most likely aspects to stop us in our tracks. And Jupiter-Neptune squares tend to bring in a lot of excess...usually excess chocolate and wine. ;)

Have a great week everyone! Much love.