In the last post, we talked about the 4 skills you must cultivate to become a successful exercise alchemist. One of them was understanding your base alchemical material (aka your body’s physical makeup from an astrological perspective).

When I look at a birth chart from an athletic perspective, I take many planets and aspects into account. It’s a really complex process. But! A fun place to start is by looking at your natal Mars—the planet of energy, drive and athletic prowess. The sign your Mars is placed in can give you hints about your unique inner athlete (we all have one!) and the activities it might delight in the most.

Now, remember—when we take planets out of the holistic context of the rest of the chart, the accuracy of the reading goes down remarkably. Keep that in mind as you read through. If you don’t resonate with what I’ve listed, I guarantee you there’s a good astrological reason for it. :)

If you don’t know where your natal Mars is, I suggest going to and creating a free birth chart.

Mars in Aries: The Sprinter
This Mars shines best in short bursts of intense exercise. Endurance isn’t its strong suit. Think Crossfit, high intensity interval training, or other modalities where you go as hard as you can for a short period of time.

Mars in Taurus: The Weightlifter
Mars in Taurus may be slow to get going, but once it’s on a roll, there’s no stopping it. These people are strong. Period. Think powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strongman competitors, or endurance sports.

Mars in Gemini: The Bodyweight Master
This Mars needs to be mentally engaged during its workout. Treadmill slogging and staring will not do! Think complex, multi-muscle group movements that twist, turn, hop and change quickly. This Mars also tends to be good at multiple sports, like triathletes.

Mars in Cancer: The Boxer
You might think Mars in Cancer is a wimp…but you’ve obviously never made one mad. Cancer athletes are awesome at combat sports like MMA and boxing. But many Mars in Cancer people also need to feel safe in order to have a good workout, meaning, home workouts are often their favorite.

Mars in Leo: The Cardio Queen/King (qkweeng?)
This is where my natal Mars is and let me tell you…if I’m not huffing and puffing, I’m unsatisfied! Mars in Leo people often have a high cardiovascular capacity, but they need to balance that out with weight-bearing exercise.

Mars in Virgo: The Gymnast
You’ll most likely find Mars in Virgo athletes in an Iyengar yoga class, on the Pilates reformer, or at the barre studio. They’re really good at precise, small movements and always on-point with their form.

Mars in Libra: The Body Beautifier
Breaking a sweat may not be on the top of the list for Mars in Libra…but looking good is! ;) This Mars might be most motivated by modalities like classic bodybuilding or yoga sculpt…or anything with the word “sculpt” in it. LOL (I’m kinda kidding…and kinda not.) This is also a great dancer!

Mars in Scorpio: The All-around-badass
If you have Mars in Scorpio and haven’t had an athletic awakening yet…it’s coming. This Mars is intense and if it’s not participating in extreme sports like skydiving, skateboarding, or snowboarding, you’ll find it grunting and sweating and having a religious experience in the gym. ;) On the other hand—you might find Mars in Scorpio getting their sweat on in a belly dancing or pole dancing studio.

Mars in Sagittarius: The Booty Blaster
This Mars has some junk in the trunk…meaning, the capacity to shape a really strong backside! Sagittarius rules the quads and the booty. This Mars would be sad if every day wasn’t leg day. You’ll find Sagittarius squatting, running, cycling and traveling to exotic places for races, or other athletic events. This Mars also loves any type of workout-spirituality fusion.

Mars in Capricorn: The Climber
This is the sign with the most enduring power. Mars in Capricorn is a boss and knows how to get a lot of work done in the most efficient way. You’ll find Mars in Capricorn going the distance. Think trail runners, marathoners, walkers, mountaineers and rock climbers.

Mars in Aquarius: The Jumper
You’ll either find Mars in Aquarius doing really weird things in the gym and using the equipment the wrong way, or maybe playing a pick-up game of basketball. But, within The MOONRx Method, we use the fixed air nature of Aquarius to our advantage with plyometric movements. These are explosive, jumping movements that transform the body like nothing else!

Mars in Pisces: The Zen Warrior
You’ll find Mars in Pisces holding the most amazing yoga poses, dancing, swimming, or playing sports that involve fancy footwork (like soccer). And if the rest of the chart is supportive, the fluid and expansive nature of Pisces also tends to make them good at any movement practice they desire to pick up…lucky.

I hope this was enlightening…or at least gave you a chuckle. :) Want to know more about your inner astral athlete? Come see me for a 1-on-1 session and we can chat all things fitness from the perspective of your unique birth chart.