In the last post, we chatted about exercise as external and internal alchemy and the importance of doing our workouts under the most supportive cosmic weather.

To be successful exercise alchemists, we need to cultivate 4 basic skills:
understanding our base alchemical material, understanding our intended alchemical result, reading energy and wielding energy.

Skill #1: Understanding your base alchemical material
Your body is your base alchemical material. To change it, or anything else, it’s helpful to know what you’re starting with and how it interacts with the cycles above. Your birth chart describes your base alchemical material in great detail. Way beyond your Sun sign, when you’re looking at the birth chart from an athletic perspective, you must understand your natal Moon, ascendant, Mercury, and especially Mars (which we’ll talk about tomorrow).

Skill #2: Understanding your intended alchemical result
We can never control an alchemical or magical outcome 100%, but we can be very clear about what we’re intending. When it comes to exercise alchemy, this involves creating fitness goals that are in alignment with what’s happening above. Aligned goals and intentions have the best chance of materializing.This means we must adjust our workouts as the sun moves through the zodiac and as the moon waxes and wanes. Don’t worry, in The MOONRx Method, I do all the heavy astrological lifting for you, including creating a monthly workout schedule for the real-time cosmic weather.

Skill #3: Reading energy
In this context, when I say “reading energy”, I mean mastering the ability to read the energetic state of your body, the energetic state of the cosmos and know how they interact. Each day presents its own alchemical base material. To be successful in your exercise practice, you need to know when it’s appropriate for energy to be shifted (work out) and when it’s best left alone (rest). This is your opportunity “stay alive while tasting the cinnabar”. AKA you’ll be living in resonance with the reigning astrological forces of the day and your efforts will get the best results possible.

Skill #4: Wielding energy
To get from base material to transformed material, you must know what to do, what to add, when to add it, and how. When we’re applying exercise as the stimulus for transformation, your body must be able to receive the stimulus and transform it into something useful. Meaning, you must know what you can handle and any given time. This means learning how to dose exercise properly. You won’t get the result you’re looking for by taking on too much exercise too quickly. Similarly, you won’t get the result you’re looking for if you rely solely on intention. Remember, intention is enlivened with energy, which comes from a physical action.

So, do you know about your body’s base alchemical makeup from an astrological perspective? I give you some hints about your natal Mars in the next post...